Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Once A Month Cooking Adventure!

I've been blogging ahead with my extra time NOT spent on Facebook! ;) So this post was true about a week ago now!

I did it. I made food for the whole month, or most of it, all at once. Okay, maybe not all at once. But I used crock-pot meals to make it easy and fast. No oven use here, thank you very much! Way too hot for this girl, in Arizona's summers! I also made breakfasts, and sides. Basically as much as I could stick in my freezer, I cooked up. With plans to cook more to fill the gaps, as those gaps appear. I haven't forgotten Jeremiah either. He has foods ready to thaw/cook/eat as well as try ours, of course.

 I'm so TIRED, sore, HOT...I shopped that morning, came home, rested for about 1 hour, put the child to sleep and went into the kitchen and knocked out 10 meals (which give leftovers as well, so 20). Then I rested to let those freeze so I could stack them for a better fit. And to thaw some beef to make another few meals. And I'm waiting to finish the breakfasts until we have room in the freezer. I organized my freezer, and didn't have the room I thought I would!

But let me tell you, I felt/feel SO accomplished. Making crock-pot meals is fast, easy and simple. Much faster than some of the other ideas I've seen out there.

I'm praying we like this method. Why? Because then I can have some food ready for when baby arrives and it's easy peasy to toss a meal into that ol' crock pot, hit a button and away we go!

I'll let you know how it goes, like how we like it, what ones we like more, etc. Tell me, what meals do you like to have on hand, pretty much ready to go? Please share, I'd love to add more!

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