Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August To-Do List: Update!

I thought, that as it's the middle of the month, I'd update you on my little list that I posted about here.

Really clean tub/shower area: The grout drives me nuts, it's a dirty looking color, and the tiles are this really light rosy white, so weird. But I'm determined to find something to love about it.
Well, the grout is that color alright! I've tried a few things on it, and nada! Still dirty looking. So my 'to love' about the bathroom? Seeing my son play in the water, and splash me. 

Deep clean car inside: In getting ready for two carseats, and all the trips to Drs and hospital, etc we're anticipating, I want the car cleaned, and detailed. I'm doing it myself, or with my man's help. Should be fun!

Move Kitchen around: I'm prepping the kitchen for a table. We're looking forward to eating in there, as a family.
We did that this morning! :) So glad it's moved around and less stuff is in there. The pantry items are also organized, and checked on dates while we went through them. I still need to get some bins, and totes to help organize it further. Also, I'm going to get some Kerr canning jars of various sizes, to make mixes in. More on that later!

Clean up tall bookcases in living room: They are so...loaded with stuff! We've been pulling books from the bottom shelves, out of Js' reach, and now the shelves are crying mercy!
This is mostly done! I had been using to empty shelves for Js' toys, and finally realized that this might be enticing him to pull books from the shelves even more so. So I got a medium sized bright green laundry basket to toss his toys into. I have one more shelf to work on, and them I'm done!

Hang/reorganize pictures: Pretty explainable! We also want to update J's pictures. We only have them from when he was 1 week old!

Go through clothes for all: I want us to be more minimal in our clothing. We don't have room for all the clothes currently, and seem to accumulate more. So, we'll be going through them.
Done! :) But then we got a bunch of girl clothes, so we're still needing to go through Molly's clothes!

Cut down weeds: With the rain we've been having, the weeds look like a forest. Although they are green and I love green things, I know those suckers become nasty tumbleweeds. I want 'em gone with the wind, ya hear?!

Declutter kids room: Once again, this room has become our storage room. It seems to be a default, poor thing...

Finish sewing current projects: I get alllll excited when I'm surrounded by fabric, but get behind on finishing them. So I'm cutting myself off. Finish what I have at hand, THEN consider more. Haha!

Declutter books: Yup...I got too many!

Buy dining table: so we can eat together, of course!
This will have to wait, until possibly September. 

Begin Once a month cooking for Sept: By this time, we'll know what we like of the last recipes I made, and try a few new ones. Also, maybe I'll get better at organizing the freezer so we can have MORE in there. :)
I've collected recipes, and gone through my recipe books, keeping only those that our family might like. Trying, as always to toss what we don't/won't use! Can't wait to begin this for Sept. :) 

So, there's my updates! Blue, I haven't gotten too yet, but Lord willing, I will!

What are you doing this month to lighten your load?? Please share in the comments. 

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