Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Monsoon Skies

There's just something about monsoon skies here in Arizona that make me happy. It usually means rain, that awesome smell of moisture in the air, gorgeous colors, and my Grandma. You see...she loved to paint/enjoy the desert and seeing the colors et al, I can see why. I'm not a painter, but seeing the skies make me wish I was one, just to be able to capture them fully.

Unfortunately, these pictures do NOT do that nights sky justice, as it was my phones camera. But I still had to share these.

A double rainbow...always loved those!

I love how the rain is here. 

You can tell where it's raining.

It's like a sheet of rain...

Then you have these amazing sunsets...

Oh, how did HE get in here?! ;) 
He is so blurry now in pictures, the definition of movement!

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