Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Making Your Own Mixes!

Okay, so I've been doing a little here and there to make things cheaper for us. I thought this would be a great thing to try, as did my Mom. But a whole recipe seemed too much for us to use alone. So we split it!

We gathered all of our supplies, and went to town. I made more of a mess than she did...but what can I say?? Flour and I just do NOT get along prettily. ;) And no, I didn't take pictures. Why would I have evidence?!!!  Unfortunately, I also don't have pictures from our quick mix making, and subsequent recipe trying outting thingy...did that make sense?

But here is the link to the blog I found it at, as well as a few other mixes she posted. Which I'm sure we will be making a few of them as well!

Oh, we made the All Purpose Quick Mix, and then did a coffee cake and biscuits. They were YUMMY! Again, no pictures, ;) You'll just have to trust me, haha!

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