Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fall Savory Mini Muffins

I'm expanding into making J things to eat, and making combos that will encourage him to eat the chunkier things. He's been diggin the ground beef and chicken lately, so I'm branching out! I decided to try my hand at making some meatballs, but didn't have and ground meat not already used in a dish. :-/ SO...I muffins, full of veggies, fruit and cheese. That'll work, then he can whatever meat we're having too. 
I searched through my favorite blogs for ideas, and came up with one of my own, based on things I had on hand, and what he loves/likes. 

So I introduce you too.....(drum roll please!?)
Fall Savory Mini Muffins!

Doesn't it look yummy? It smells great, while cooking! :) 

Just a word of advice, my son is almost 11 months old now, and has had all the ingredients in this recipe. Please follow your doctors advice on feeding babies/toddlers and adjust your recipe where needed. Some people don't think that children under 1 year should have the egg yolk, and that children under 6 months shouldn't have quinoa. Again...follow your doctors recommendations on food for your child. 

Fall Savory Mini Muffins
For baby/toddler

Servings: 24 mini muffins OR 24 mini meatballs


1 cup quinoa
1 cup oats
two eggs
2tbsp ketchup
4 oz pureed squash 
2-3 Tbsp diced small squash
1/4 cup shredded cheese, colby/Jack
dash or two sage
2 tbsp green onion, minced, didn't use white part
4oz pureed sweet potato and corn
½ cup applesauce


Mix all ingredients until well mixed. If it’s too dry, add more liquid. If it’s too moist, add more quinoa or oats.
Leave for 2 hours or overnight to allow quinoa and oats to soak up moisture
Turn your oven on to pre-heat 400 degrees
Fill each mini muffin whole
Bake for 20 minutes

Allow to cool completely before serving.
You can also freeze the remaining mini muffins.


 1 cup ground meat of choice, reduce both quinoa and oats to ½ cup each.

Add any vegetables of choice, shredded, diced, pureed.

Make savory and sweet variations

I tasted them, and they are kinda bland, but all the flavors where right!
J on the other hand, LOVED them. He was shoving it in and chattering to me the whole time. Smiling, eating...haha, I think he loves Mommy's cooking! ;) 


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