Thursday, August 30, 2012

Loving Your Children After Loss: Conclusion.

This is the conclusion of a series, on why or how I am where I am, in regards to loving and seeing my children joyfully, and my desire to not have bitterness about losing Michael, and therefore having that effect my relationship with Jeremiah or Molly. I hope you learn something from this, and if you don't, at least pray for me, always, that I'm the mother God has bless me to be! Thank you!

I know that we’re just beginning our lives as the family God has created. However I have prayed, thought long and hard, and have tried to set us up for a loving, joy filled home, that has a thankful heart and appreciation for life as God hands it to us. I pray that this will remain, and that God will only take us to more joy, and togetherness than we know now.

I also know, that no matter what happens in this life, I can stand firm on the foundation of my youth, on the Rock that is my protection.

When you know that you’re taken care of, and the needs in your life are satisfied…you can truly see things with joy.

One thing I want to part this series with is:

Give thanks.
Allow joy in your heart and life.
All things work for the good.
God is all that He says He is.
Have peace.
Remember to breathe.

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