Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 In Review, And A Look At 2013

I had so many plans for 2012, but God had other plans for us! This year we welcomed Molly into our family.  She came early, but has nonetheless become quite the little lady of the house. 

I've learned that God really is in control. Although sometimes I forget. Because my focus is narrow. Because I only see whats in front of me. 

I'll make no grand statements or long lists for 2013. 
I only say this...

I won't say, Lord please let 2013 be easy...instead I'll say, Lord, give us strength everyday.
I won't say, Lord please let things go smoothly...instead I'll say, Lord, hold us close everyday.

I will say, Lord please draw us close to You. 
I will say, Lord let us see Your face daily.
I will say, Lord let us see Your provisions daily.
I will say, Lord, let us know You.

Although things can be rocky, and sometimes hard, I know He's there. 

Lately, I've had to deal with anger. Mostly directed towards Him. Because Molly has colic, and reflux. Just like Michael. It's bringing back memories that we didn't want to remember. It makes us short tempered with each other and with J...and yes with Molly. 

My very wise Mom told me to apologize for my anger. That healing and change won't happen until I do. *don't you hate when your parents are still RIGHT!?* I don't know why I fight against it. 

It's easier to be angry, isn't it?
It's easier to complain, right?
It's easier to wallow in my own misery, hmm?'s not. 
It's hard.
It's oppressive. 
It's damaging. 

So yes, I asked Him to help me with my anger. I asked Him to forgive me. I asked for His help...and while I can't say I'm perfect, I do know He's given me some measure of calmness. 

So, in 2013. 
It's my year. 
My year to hold fast to my Redeemer. 
My year to press into Him. 
My year...Or His year?

I make no big plans, or lists. 
I just want to know Him more, and in knowing Him, all the other things I'd like to accomplish, will happen. 

What's your plans or lists for 2013??

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