Monday, January 14, 2013

My Hearts Prayer

Lord, my God...
Abba, Daddy...

My heart is low, my spirit is pressed down. My words don't flow well, they are jumbled in my head. I am being pressed in upon and low thoughts have rooted themselves in my head. I am sad, angry, depressed and low. 

I need You now...I need the balm to my soul...that peace that heals the hurting, the mercy that forgives the mistakes, the power which banishes that which is not from You. 

Your peace flows abundantly, overwhelming me, in my hours of need and desperation. 

As tears flow down my face, I'm thankful for the gift of Your Son...without Him...I wouldn't want to contemplate life. 

Lord, I wait with hope and knowledge that Your peace, Your grace and Your arms are not far away...

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