Monday, February 25, 2013


Invested time.
Invested means.

All of this has been in my mind the last month. Or so.

Our society lacks the sense of community it once had. In exchange, we've told ourselves that independence and gumption will get it done.

We have moved where the jobs are, or the climate is. In exchange we have gone away from our families, those built in units of help, advice and nurture.

We live now in screens, populated by social media, emails, blogs, pinging alerts and the ever present need to be plugged in. In return, we've lost the art of friendship. We've forgotten the slow and steady building of trust, love and involvement.

Even as believers, we have stepped back, turned our faces, avoided those in need.

For what?

My selfishness.'s that.

So now what?

Now I stop turning away, and start investing into those I've claimed to love, to want to be a part of.

I have to actively choose to make calls, ask questions, ask for help.
And...allow others to step in, to step up, to help carry.

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