Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Time For Everything

In God's Holy Word He says there's a time for everything, a season for all. 

Right now as I sit here in the kitchen, watching my daughter rock in her rocker, watching the washer run, and cooing to it...I remember that 3 years ago, my world was going to be rocked in a way that I couldn't imagine. Would never have imagined.  But I walked through that experience, and have walked through a few more life changing ones, since then. 

I have survived. I have changed with these moments of time. I have been on my knees at His Throne more times than I can count. I am better in some ways. Others...not so much. 

I have known the 'refining fire' of which the Word speaks of in Malachi.

I also continue to walk through small trials, small reminders of a certain little boy and his precious memories. 

I am making it, one day at a time, sometimes, one moment at a time. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by those moments, those memories that surface a little to fast for me to handle. Yet still I make it through, I hold fast to what I know. 

There is a time for all...There is a season for everything. 

I won't say what this season is, except it's still walking through the trials, the memories, it's still walking by faith, through the hardships. 

If you've faced something that has rocked your world, I'd love for you to share it with me. You can comment here, or leave a private message on Facebook, if you'd like. 

May God's peace go with you

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