Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thoughts On Moving

As I sit here in the living room with most things packed up, and just a few short days left here in Arizona, I of course am reflecting on my time here.

When we moved into this house, we were 6 months past the passing of Michael. We'd moved from my parents home(where we'd been protected just after Mickeys passing) to this one, hopeful that life would continue, and God would heal us.

This home as seen us bring two new babies into our family. It's seen us through another hard time, the passing of my Dad. And while this place has always been too small, it has burst at the seams with the love, blessing and grace of God.

I'm beginning to see the excitement of this move, the blessings we've received. I'm sad to say goodbye to my Mom, (she's my best friend!), my husbands Mom and Grandma, (love those ladies more than they realize), and our friends who've become family. I'll miss the beauty of the seasons here, the connection I felt to my Grandma, because she loved the desert.

But oh am I excited about what's ahead?! It's scary, but awe inspiring. It's crazy! But totally God's plan.Can I use more exclamation points?!

I know that our marriage will become stronger, because we'll be relying on Christ to help. And that is also exciting to me...nothing makes me happier than growing together, and treating each other as we're shown in the Word.

It hasn't been all roses though, with this move. Our son has been noticing the up-heavel going on, the disruption to his normal day. He's been more fussy, cranky, whiny, and cuddly. And while I'm not looking forward to the 12-15+ hour drive next week, I'm praying that we will find a home quickly, to get him back in his routine.

Oh and that's another thing...we started out this move with not one dime or penny to move us. It's been awesome and a blessing to see how He has provided us the money, as we need it. We still do not have a home, however we know that God has His hand on one for us, and in His timing, the home and us will meet.

Although, you'll join us in praying for that meet-up to happen quickly, won't you!? :)

I've been journal in my notebook for awhile now, because I want to write, but haven't felt led to blog, yet. I'm in that season of just 'doing' what He's told me to do, not wax poetic about it! ;) At least...not yet!


  1. Anonymous09 May, 2013

    Thank you so much for every thing that you have done for this family. We're going to miss you all very much. All our love, Janet & grandma

  2. We miss you too <3 love you, from all of us


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