Friday, May 24, 2013

We are Texans Now

Where to begin. How to fully tell of the things we've been doing.

The biggest thing, is trusting God more and more, because without Him helping, there was NOTHING we could do.

As you know, we moved here to Texas without a place to move into. I know many thought we're crazy, and probably foolhardy. I mean, we have two kids, and no place to stay?! Insanity. Especially when you see the market here, and how high the housing costs are. Even getting here, people couldn't tell us fast enough that it would take forever to find a place, and when we did it would be at least twice what we're looking for, price wise. People seemed to delight in telling us this information, almost willing us into poverty here.

Property managers also told us good luck, many had looks of, 'those poor people'. As you can see, so much opposition, and at times it was very hard to keep our eyes on God. At one point, the possibility of packing a truck back up and going back to Arizona seemed like it would happen.

But God kept comforting me, showing me we are just where He wants us. So I kept reciting what He'd done, and provided to that point. Over and over and over become the broken record of our faith.

Then finally, the home He had for us, and we - met! It is the right size. It isn't not perfect, but it's a gift from our Father, so is very precious to us. It'll take time to get it made just so. To find places for everything, and make it a home.

We are still very much living on faith right now. The list of things we need to pay or buy is growing, while the funds continue to dwindle. But we have faith, and cling to the character of God. Knowing He will provide, at just the right moment for us.

This is just a little of what's been going on. I'm hoping to get back to blogging soon, but I'm in no hurry. Much love to you all!


  1. Im sooo PROUD of you guys!!!

  2. :) Of course, we miss AZ and our Moms...but Texas is where we will grow closer to each other, stronger as a family. :D


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