Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Soul Longing For More

In The Middle of the Mundane

Lysa TerKeust, author of "What Happens When Women Say Yes To God?", writes, "A holy God in the middle of life's mundane activities will change your life. But you might not always feel happy about the changes." (pg 15)

Last year, when we had Molly, life was anything but mundane. But I was so focused on 'the moment'. She was in the NICU, like her big brother had been. Yet another similarity in a long list of them. Everything seemed to tell us, she was JUST like Michael. 

But she wasn't. Though her early life mirrored his in many ways, she was different. We didn't want the experience again, but there we were, at times scared...or rather, terrified. 

God changed us in those days, we sought Him with each breath, and yet we stressed ourselves silly. What would it have been like, if we embraced the up's and downs?

These days, life is full of 'busy-work', the mundane. (see a theme?!) Dishes, laundry, vacuuming, mopping, cooking, cleaning, wiping noses and changing diapers. Everyday. Sometimes twice a day, sometimes more! All day long. So many times, I want to grumble about that dish I just cleaned, being dirty again. Or that load of laundry I swear I just washed, but is dirty again. But...I remember the early months of her entry into the world. I remember what we've lost. 

And my heart cries out to God, "Father forgive me! Help me to see the good in this dish, help me to see the why of that load. Help me to know what a joy it is to serve my family, for You. I know my heart yearns for more, bigger, better, grander. But You tell me, smaller, simpler, personal and in the RIGHT NOW."

When He is in control, by my choosing, He can bring about the changes needed. When He is there, showing His plan, step by step...when I am there saying Yes, Lord, yes, Abba whatever it takes, I want to grab the RIGHT NOW, and learn to embrace the mundane. I never want to become so caught up in the, "...too tired, too insecure, too uncertain, too busy or too selfish..." (pg11) that I can't see the joy of loving my family through cooking, cleaning, raising and loving. All of which He has called me too, called me for, and made just for me!

What's your 'too'? What's your mundane? Can you hear your soul longing for Him to meet you, right now, when the rice is burning because you need to step between siblings? Can you hear His small voice, even when life does all it can to distract you? Can you hear His nudge, in the midst of your coming and goings?

Can you hear Him?
Will you say yes to Him?

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  1. Hi Peggy! I LOVE, LOVE what you shared. So true...and I'm a mama so I understand the blah of dishes and laundry. But I, like you, have also discovered the joy that comes when we choose to praise God in the middle of our routines and everyday activity. What a cherished and privileged position we are in ...this role of mama and wife. The responsibilities are great but when we choose to embrace this place we've been called to with everything within us, when we choose to see Him, oh how it changes our perspective! Excited to be sharing this journey with you and so happy you linked up today! Your words and your story blessed me! Love, Shelly (OBS Team Leader)

  2. Thank you for your kind words! And yes, I am so grateful for each perspective change He opens my eyes too. I find with each one, the more my joy settles into the deep parts of my heart, and it's not just surface.


  3. Hey Peggy! Loved your blog post! I many times over need to remember to be blessed in the right now. So often I am just terribly exhausted and to come home and cook dinner, do the dishes and then the laundry and did I mention the dog just ate the pool and there are pieces ALL over the yard?!?! Yep, those always seem to be my days...something crazy comes up. But even in all the chores I can't help but be blessed because I realize that I am doing these things for my family and that means I am with my family! Thanks so much for the encouragement!

  4. OH, I don't have a dog (yet though the husband and son want one!) I have a cat who decides that it's perfectly fine to knock things over, and make a mess, so I can imagine! And it's usually on those days that Mommy just wants a do-over and a large tug-boat filled with coffee!

    This is something He's been working in me for a few months, years probably!

    I'm glad it encouraged you, and thanks for you're encouraging words back! :D
    PS:No more pools for the dog! ;) Heheheee


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