Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Are You Listening?

Listen oh you people!
Give heed to my words, your sins have made you wicked and vile. 
Repent and return to the Almighty God.

Immorality has brought this nation low and perverts the lives of many. Right is wrong and wrong is right.
Only the Lord of Lords is the one who can save you from eternal death in hell. Nothing on the earth can or will save you. The enemy ensnares your soul with lies and promises he can't keep. 
Repent and return! For the kingdom of God is near. 

My heart is heavy and my soul cries out to You oh God. How long shall You let Your grafted in branches muddy Your name? Rise up my God and King, and show Yourself and Your glory!

Bring justice to the poor, widowed, and unborn/born children. 
This world groans with the weight of her sins. How long oh Lord of Hosts, before you take me from this place of pain and suffering?

How long must your children suffer and the world mock You, before you take your place?

Oh God...when will I see my Redeemer come for me? I long to be taken from here and from the wickedness and injustice. 

Hear me Abba! Please come soon, the world is perishing and waiting for You to save her. 

You hear my cry at night and by day. You hear and save me. Praise Your holy name for Your faithfulness and justice. 


Ps 4:2
Rom 6:23
Rom 8:6, 13
Rom 9
Rom 8:19-22
Rom 8:23


  1. Amen, Peggy, great words!

  2. They poured out during my devotions this morning, and it seems urgent to post them. Thank you <3


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