Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Agape Love

What is it that holds me back? Why do I feel the need to be bold, and speak the truth, but I'm wimp out? I wonder if I can speak with love, and honesty. I don't know how that looks, most of the time.
I fear getting it wrong
 I fear turning someone away from God and not too Him. I don't want that responsibility. But here I am, the need and desire thing again.
 I want to speak frankly with you. 

I'm not the best at saying things in a loving manner. I'm straight forward, yes...but the loving tone can get lost in translation. Which makes me sad.

Because He is softening my heart, daily. Pressing on me the need to show His version of love, not my own, or this worlds. His version of love....Agape. It's a Greek word, meaning affection, good will, benevolence. It is 'the' thing we must aspire too, as believers. (1Cor 13:13) Having faith and hope isn't enough, if I don't have love as well. Being bold? Gets me no where I don't have love.

There are people who are hard to love, but I believe that in loving them, His glory and love shines through the most. Everyone can love the lovable. But the unlovable? The enemy? Those are the ones who need His love the most. (Prov 24:17-18)

I don't know where this leads towards boldness...maybe once I understand the humility of heart that is needed to love my enemy or the poor in spirit, and low in the world...maybe then I can understand how boldness working into this. I'm not there yet...but I know He is leading me there.

Do you know how to reconcile boldness with love? If so, I'd love to hear about how it is for you. Please share in the comments. 


  1. More inspiring words! Thank you, Peggy!

  2. Thank you Gail! I don't know when He will show me how to be fully bold, with love. I think I need to study Jeremiah and Paul a lot more! :D


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