Saturday, August 31, 2013

Books and More Books!

 We went to the Goodwill the other day, as I was looking for and praying for, clothes for myself. Skirts, tops, things of that nature. I tried on so many tops, but certain parts of my anatomy make it difficult to find things that fit, so I purchased just one blouse. Among the findings, we found all of these books! Once I found out how much, I couldn't resist adding one more, and then another, and another. Until finally my husband pulled the cart and me away from the book section. Someone had to have sense!

I'm so glad we have these books, and they are tucked away for 'school'. Basically, during a chosen reading time, I'll let the children pick on to read for that time, and afterwards, put it away. They are still drooling and chewing books, so I'd like to keep these nice! :D Once they are through with this stage, their books will be out where they can reach them whenever they want.

I want to foster a love of reading, the simple pleasure of the written word, and the acknowledged thought. Reading is a gift to be passed down from one generation to the next, and it's becoming rare to find those who enjoy it so.

I found three skirts that I couldn't pass up! A cargo jeans one, a sporty light blue one, and a more dressy black one. The purple top is eggplant and looks flattering on me. I love the ruffles and cuffs on the cap sleeves. :-D I'm desiring to be more feminine lately. To appreciate and celebrate that I was made as a woman, for God's pleasure. Besides studying the scriptures for my identity in Him, what better way to celebrate, than skirts, and ruffles and beautiful rich colors?!

What a far way I've come, from the tomboy stages to now. I have a feeling, that femininity will continue to rest, roost and lodge it's way into my heart.  I'm praying for some shoes next!! And of course...tops. :-)

The paperback books were $.49 each, the hardbacks $.99 each. The pieces of clothing were $3.49 each. 
We spent around $26 for all of this, and I'm pretty pleased with it all! 

What books do you like to have, for your children to access? How do you foster the love of reading? 
Also, have you made any great finds in shopping?! Please share. :D


  1. We have a Haven of Rest and a Good Will... but my best finds come from BIMA (Belton Interfaith Ministries Association) You get to fill a brown paper (grocery size) with clothes or shoes for 7.00 - Yep that is a steal. I go about once or twice a month and get only 7.00 each time. I went three weeks ago and go both girls (more for Abigail) clothes for school. Then Saturday I spent 15.00 at a yardsale, they were closing up and I got 6 black yard bags of clothes for the kids. (many that are out of sizes new born in boy and girl were donated this morning to BIMA before I shopped. Samuel is probably set for the winter minus a coat and for a good bit when spring returns. Hadassah winter school clothes and shoes (2 nice pairs) are taken care of. Abigail is going to need some winter tops (since the school clothes I got her are more for late summer/early fall and she will need a coat but is set on shoes. So this morning was about me.... I found a whole bag of tops, (no pants)-and two dressy jacket tops for me. Some tops are dressy and some will be for wearing around the house for the daycare. I did get Samuel a pair of winter shoes and 2 (24 months) pants--- he did need some as 2T are too big. Two of the tops I go were NWTs. One was 8.94 and the other was one of the jackets. 56.00 I got at 17 articles in total for me, pair of shoes for Hadassah for the spring, winter shoes and 2 pairs of pants for Samuel and 4 pairs of girls winter stockings. So 25 items all together.

    1. Thats awesome, Hannah! I'm glad you're able to find deals like that, I'm sure it helps a lot. :D I need to keep searching our area, for such deals.


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