Saturday, August 17, 2013

Keeping Track Of Things!

I have a bad memory. I remember major things, and odd things. But I am not great at keeping track of the dates and times or prayer requests that I want to keep track of.

Enter, Cozi.

It's a phone app, that I'm starting to use a LOT more. I love some of the features a lot. I can schedule anything, and have it sent to my husband to remind him of things. It's helped in the past, for important meetings.

Lately, I've started using it to add in a prayer request, or an important date. Say someone has an appointment coming up, they've asked for prayer. So I add the date to my calendar, and set it to remind me. I can then pray for them during the appointment and contact them to ask how it went. It may seem, oh I don't know...cold to do it this way. But the thing is, I WANT to remember, but I don't always. I WANT to pray for people and build relationships. So...I'm making my phone and this app work for me.

Because even though the channel may be odd, the end result is that I do care, and I want to pray, and keep in touch. I just need a little reminding now and again. And I want to give myself the grace to be who I want to be. Some are able to just remember dates, faces, names, etc in more detail than I can. That is their gift. Mine? We'll see what it turns out to be, ((wink))

What do you do, to keep track of dates, prayer requests, etc? Please share, I'd love to know. 


  1. I make a list and keep it in my prayer journal, so that when I sit down to pray I have it there with me. Or I make a point if it is someone online I am remembering in prayer to find an association to remind me to pray also. Such as every time I see them post or a profile picture, then I say a prayer.

  2. Those are good ideas, Deanna! There are so many ways to keep track of prayers, and the like...


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