Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Story & Picture

Grand Canyon, Arizona 2011
In September 2011, we drove to the Grand Canyon, I was very pregnant with Molly and we had a lively Jeremiah on our hands. The Canyon has always been a favorite, and having lived in Arizona, it has a special place in my heart, just as the ocean and beaches do from California. The vastness of the canyon, the stark beauty and the stillness during the winter is just...awe-inspiring. The scope of the canyon, always pointed to God. Always made me feel so small, and so weak. But it is always in the small things which made the canyon, that caught my eye. The different soils, the colors, the storms that boil in the distance, the birds, the wind, the falling leaves, the crack of a dying tree branch falling to the forest floor. It all makes up the whole, for me. Sitting still in the quiet is a luxury these days, and when you're able to sit and enjoy the small sounds...well then. You're in heaven, I say.

I can't wait to take my babies to see the Canyon. To show them God's majesty, through His creation.


  1. Yeah! The Canyon is a glorious example of God's magnificence !


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