Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tot School Day 1, Continued

Read the first part of our day here.

After Jeremiahs' skin starting pinking up, I decided to take us inside. I captured his attention for close to 1 full hour, on top of the 30+ minutes we'd just spent outside. I love seeing him learn/play.

Yes, those containers are 1) an old peanut butter tub. 2) Gerber baby food container. 3) water bottle. 4)plastic Tupperware.

I'm sure there are some plastic trees that are crying over these pictures, but I've been saving so many containers, glass and plastic, for crafts,etc, as the kids get older. Looks like some of the forethought came in handy!

He slept well that day, :-) Since then, I've been able to get him outside most mornings, right after breakfast, it's cooler, the sun isn't hot yet, and he will roam, and investigate for close to an hour. I love it.

Seeing the world through their eyes is a huge blessing. One I wouldn't miss for anything.

What do you do, with your kiddos?? 

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