Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Trust and Faith, They Go Together Like A Horse and Carriage

Proverbs has so much good stuff it's hard to pick sometimes. But all of the Word is for instruction and wisdom for those who seek it. Gaining control of the mouth is by far, one of the hardest things, but don't forget that the words of the mouth begin in the heart and that is where God does His best work. And His work in secret shows in daily actions and words to those we love the most.

Only the daily, hourly seeking of Christ will affect the change I so desire in my heart and there fore actions and words. But I'll never be perfect this side of heaven.

Do my prayers show my trust and faith in You? 
Do I just pray for the surface, expected prayers? 
Should I be praying more, differently, deer, wider? 

Help me see that, Father. I want my thoughts, heart and prayers to reflect a heart sold out to You, a faith deeply seated on Your foundation, a trust so deep that nothing can shake it.

I'm glad I've owned sheep, and am now a mother. I have an idea of what patience, understanding and long suffering You must have. I also can see the importance of discipline and instructions. Without those, we would run a muck from an early age, to our own destruction.

I also have some idea as to the depth for Your love, and pain for Your children. Those found and those lost. How deep Your heart must ache for those lost. I am sorry that I've treated the lost so lightly, not knowing how deep Your pain for them must be. You've given the lost of the world to the found, to serve, love, pray for, become friends and/or family with. To show them the scope of Your love and desire for them. 

OH, Abba, how much You love them! It seems impossible, but You are able to do anything for anyone. So not so impossible afterall...increase in me, a servants heart, so that I may bring to those the truth of Your word, as You want me too. 

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