Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Meet: Michael Parura

Do you ever feel like you've made a choice that will change you, open your eyes and do things to your life that you didn't expect?

I do. I am...

Today my husband came to me, and asked me if we could sponsor a child. A boy, who will soon be 5 years old. He shares his name of our first born and the birthday of our second born. It seems God-sent. I've been praying to sponsor a child for awhile now. Just waiting on God's timing, and my darlings heart to lead him there.

And today was the day. I'm so excited, and eager. Waiting 15 days to get Michael's informational packet from Compassion International seems like an eternity. I've already written a letter to him, letting him know how blessed we are to be HIS sponsors. That he is special to us, and we are praying for him.

We love him already...

Tonight, as I sit here reading up on Indonesia, I'm humbled. He lives in a poor area of the country, where the monthly income (when it comes) is $27. Thats it. Less than a dollar a day, to feed your family. And I had to toss out a head of cabbage this week, it had gone bad before we could eat it. How his family would have enjoyed to have it! It wouldn't have gone to waste there in his home.

Now it's more real, this vision of poverty. We have an adorable, handsome face to put to the circumstances of being poor. It isn't ambiguous anymore.

I WANT this to change me. I need it too. I want to show my children how INCREDIBLY blessed they are to live in this country. We do not know the meaning of poor, destitute, nor do we really know how hungry feels.

But I want to show them, I want to show myself. I want a heart for those who need a soft heart, I used to have it. I will find it once again.

Tonight my precious children born of me, go to bed with full bellies. And I wonder if the Michael of my heart is hungry tonight? He doesn't know his future will be changed, that there is a family that is eager to love on him, and share their lives with him. He doesn't know...I pray that God soothes his heart, and gives him peace. I pray that God comforts the hearts of his weary parents as well.

Oh, I'm so thankful tonight. For the countless blessings God's given us, so that we can bless others as well.

Michael Parura: You are loved, prayed for and thought of tonight. 

Sometimes I wonder what the Lord things of the riches of this country, and the poverty of others? It doesn't seem fair, that those who would be humbled the most, have the least. 
Lord, guide the hearts of those who need to hear this. I pray they step in faith, and share of the bread of their tables to those who desperately need it. 

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  1. Truly an incredible blessing for Michael and for you! I'll be praying for Michael, too, and for you and Wayne as you reach out in love. <3

  2. Makes me think again on the book More Or Less, where He talks about how much we here take excess for granted when we could be helping others. So glad that you are allowing this to change you and knowing it will bless Michael.

    1. It's too easy to take it for granted, especially since most of our lives are spent away from the poor and so we don't see how they truly live.


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